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Queerbodiment Therapy

If you are deliberating about gender change, seeking your place within the gender roles or doubting the need for gender altogether; if you are LGBTQ, non-binary, or with an open mind seeking depth; if you have old recurring pains with no apparent cause; if you feel there is something always just around the corner, that can never be reached; if you wish to better know your body and mind, through inquisitiveness, creativity and tenderness... I’d be happy to accompany you on your journey.

Areas of Focus

  • Working therapeutically with people from all colors of the rainbow

  • Creating a safe space for: 

    • Gender questioning

    • Gender-change deliberation

    • Navigating within a gendered and binary society

  • Viewing queerness both as a struggle and a healing quality

  • Practicing Queerbodiment - the unique way queerness is present in the body and mind

  • Connecting with the body through imagination, breathing, and touch

  • Finding and connecting to inner strengths

Individual Therapy Sessions

I provide 60-minute individual therapy sessions to adults ages 20 and up. Sessions are held at my private clinic in Ramat Gan, Israel.

I recommend meeting on a weekly basis, though this can change according to what best suits your needs.

Services Offered

Online Therapy

I provide online therapy via live video sessions on a secure platform.

My services are offered worldwide and accessible to any who has difficulty accessing services.

How do I maintain professional boundaries when working within my community?

About me

I am a Queerbodiment therapist working with people from all colors of the rainbow. I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Bar-Ilan University and am a certified Body Psychotherapist from Reidman College. Currently, I am finishing international training in GSRD (gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity) therapy run by Pink Therapy. I also facilitate workshops, which have been presented at the queer sexuality festival Queer Magic and The Israeli Embodiment Conference. In the past I’ve volunteered for IGY - Israel Gay Youth organization and for Ma’avarim - Israeli Trans Community. 


In addition to being a curious explorer of the body-mind, I am a non-binary transgender. To me this is an important part of my identity as a therapist, thanks to the unique and complex life I am fortunate to have lived. The deep insights I’ve gained regarding gender have deepened my understanding of the war between the genders, the confines and freedom they hold. Most importantly, my journey has taught me that when we choose change, we choose healing.


Throughout history and different cultures many healers were queers. Their communities often recognized the importance of people who defied gender norms or presented varied sexual orientations. It is exactly this “otherness” that gave them a wider perspective on life and a greater ability to help people. I view myself as a descendant of a long lineage of queer shamans and healers.


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