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Meditation by the Sea

Queerbodiment Therapy

My intent is to help you connect to your inner strengths, and find your unique voice - with compassion, love and acceptance of our flawed humanity. I believe we are all body-mind - a mysterious and wonderful connection between body, mind and psyche. There are things which can not be accessed by words alone, but only through touch, breathing and the body. There are things which can only be known not by knowing, but through experiencing. When our bodies are touched with pure intent and presence, so too are our emotions, pain and unspoken history. In my work I utilize different tools to suit your needs, such as deep tissue massage combined with conversations (if there is an expressed request for touch), breathing, movement, Focusing, projective tools, and many Body Psychotherapy techniques. 

Why to choose therapy through Queerbodiment

Why did I choose therapy through Queerbodiment - the bodily and emotional manifestation of queerness?

My personal and professional experience has taught me there is a great gift for humanity in queerness - it is the flexibility that exists in all of us, the space where all possibilities exist all at once and in constant flux.


When we access our queerness we can choose change, thereby choosing healing. Being able to move more freely inside ourselves enables us to move with more harmony in the world. We all carry the healing queerness - whether we’re LGBTQ or not. LGBTQ people are simply more connected to this quality than most. Yet we all have the potential for change and finding that inner voice which is only ours. When we allow ourselves to connect to the vast inner possibilities we enrich our human connectedness - with ourselves and with others.


If you are interested in this therapy we will conduct a short conversation beforehand, and think together if it is right for us to work together. In addition there will be an introductory meeting to see if there’s a mutual connection. There is also an option for sessions via zoom, from Israel or abroad.
I work both in Hebrew and in English.

Young Gay Couple

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